Where are we working?

Here are a few of our brothers, their internships, and their fulltime positions.

Google - Cloud Solutions

Arman Hezarkhani (Electrical and Computer Engineering ’19) left his funded start-up during his sophomore year to work at Google Cloud. He worked as an Engineering Intern and Consultant on their Higher Education team for two years, helping them develop national and international programs. He will be running a Consulting/R&D firm, Bandary, upon graduation.

Jane Street - Quantitative Trading

Josh Moavenzadeh (Stats & Machine Learning '20) will be interning as a software engineer for the quantitative trading firm Jane Street this coming summer.

Apple - UX Design

Griffin Tang (Information Systems & Human Computer Interaction '20) will be interning as a UX Designer for Apple this summer.

CAT - Product Development

Mitchell Riek (Mechanical Engineering '19) will be going full time with Caterpiller after an internship with them this summer. Mitchell will be graduating early this fall and starting this spring!

Adobe - Machine Learning Research

Zach Saffran (Stats & Machine Learning '20) will be interning with Adobe's ML team this summer in San Francisco.

Microsoft - Software R&D

This past summer, David Zhang (Information Systems '20), interned at Microsoft Garage. Microsoft Garage is the R&D lab for products such as hololens. This summer, David will be working at Susquehanna International Group.

Deutsche Bank - Sales & Trading

Jonathan Malka (Business Administration '21) will be interning as a sales & trading intern for Deutsche Bank in New York City.

Microsoft - Software Engineering

JP Nelson (Electrical & Computer Engineering '21) will be interning as a software engineer for Microsoft's Bing team in Seattle this summer. Last year, he interned with John Deere's simulation division.

UPMC - Cancer Treatment

Jake Muskovitz (Biology and Social & Political History '20) is researching how multiple-myeloma cancer cells impact the bone microenvironment and how different drug treatments can alleviate patient discomfort at UPMC's Hillman Cancer Center.

Alley Theatre - Literary

Ryan Dumas (Dramaturgy ‘19) is a producer, dramaturg, and arts administrator specializing in new work development. He has interned/worked with Roundabout Theatre Company, the Alley Theatre, William Morris Endeavor, and The Public Theater.