Through Greek Sing and other endeavors, our brothers are active in giving back to the larger Pittsburgh community.

We do it all...

Beyond our involvement in orientation and philanthropy, we are one of the only fraternities that competes in Booth, Buggy, and Greek Sing. Not only do we compete, we win.


Booth means to work hard. Booth is where our creativity meets reality. Building Booth is how SigEps are made. Winning and placing in the top 3 for the last decade isn't what we aim to do, but is a product of the level of excellence we strive to accomplish.


Building, pushing, and driving buggies takes skill, mind, and heart. Our accomplishments in Buggy are a representation of having those qualities in spades. Buggy is the intersection between Sound Mind and Sound Body.

Greek Sing

With our diversity comes strength. Greek Sing requires clever planning, musical fluency, soulful writing, and artistic construction. Where one brother's passions fade another's pick up. Through our diversity, we are able to create productions that win dramatically.